Taking the chance

At lunch I've been watching Obese: A Year To Save My Life on Sky Two. It's interesting for me because I am obese and whilst I haven't set myself a target of a year in order to reduce my weight to the level that I want (it's going to take me more than a year I have accepted that, although I still wish there was a chance for me to do it in a year) its interesting watching these people who are given an opportunity to change their lives and how many of them grab it with both hands and how many of them just do the minimum that is required of them.

If I had gone on this programme a year ago I would have been one of those people that did the minimum, I was saying that I wanted to change my life, but I wasn't ready. If I was then the different attempts I made at losing weight would have worked because I would have pushed myself, I would have taken the chance that had been offered to me. As soon as the year was over I would have been back to my old ways and undone all of the hard work and put back on all the weight I lost.

A couple of months ago going to the gym wasn't something I would have thought I would look forward to. A couple of months ago thinking about motivating myself to do extra exercise during the day on a regular basis wasn't something I would have thought I could get myself to do. A couple of months ago I was a different me.

I changed and I took the chance that was being offered to me. The only difference is the chance being offered to me isn't from some TV show but it's all me. Now I love going to the gym. I like comparing how I'm improving going on for longer or working harder each time. I love that I'm prepared to work harder each day to further my own efforts of losing weight and to improve my fitness and I love doing exercise. 

I love the happy feeling of finishing a workout and knowing that was all me. I'm taking the chance at a better life for me and my family.

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