Becoming Fit and Healthy

Part of the reason that I want to get fit and healthy is because I want my family to get fit and healthy. I want Top Ender and Big Boy to learn that keeping fit is fun and is something that you have to make time for in life. Something which whilst I know, I kind of forgot to put into practice since leaving School. This is why my challenge that I've set with Coca-Cola to win Olympic Tickets (You can still enter go take a look) is so important to me, it's close to home.

For us we are doing small things together like going for our weekly walks to local woods where we can spend time in the outdoors getting some fresh air, looking at the different plant and animal life and we've found that the Children love spotting the different changes in the seasons up close. Daddy and I get a chance to catch up on all our news, and stories that we've forgotten to tell each other from the past week and we finish our walk feeling more energised and closer as a family.

Then there are the weekly swimming date nights which have turned into Family Swimming nights. Whilst one of us adults looks after our two little not quite yet swimmers and has fun treading water and playing a few games (normally chase to encourage swimming around the pool) the other adult goes and swims a few lengths before swapping. Of course we still spend time together in the pool having a laugh together and that is what makes this weekly exercise so perfect. We don't realise that what we are doing is exercise, for us it is just family time.

When I think about it the children are always active, they are normally running around and jumping up and down and they don't see what they are doing as exercise for them it is just part of their everyday life. I guess that it's me that has to learn really that exercise is something that is part of my everyday life and it is something that we will continue to do as a family.

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  1. I've just walked into town to do the top up shopping. I was pushing a pushchair and babywearing, that has to count as exercise, right? Nice new blog. (it is new isn't it, and not just something I've failed to notice for forever?)

  2. It's new enough that I'm not worries you haven't noticed lol. And yes that totally counts as exercise in my book!


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