The Dreaded PTA

As is tradition at our School the week before the School Fayre the children can come in on one day wearing non school Uniform. There is a charge of £1 for this or a donation of a Tombola prize and this year the letter home reminding us of this coincided with me emptying out the gift cupboard. There was a bagful of gifts that I couldn't find a use for (Giant remote control, perfume samples, gaudy head bands, unopened make up etc) and so we gave these to the School as well as the hamper that Interflora had given to me. We were unable to go and support the School Fayre this year as we were out for the day at Drayton Manor and so we had no idea if everything had gone well or not and if they had been able to use out donations to create some funds for the school or if the PTA was cursing us for all the junk I had donated.

Then last night after school one of the PTA who had taken the donations from me grabbed me before Top Ender had come out of school.

"Can I talk to you a minute, around the corner?" she asked me
"Of course!" I said rather too brightly "Can I just grab my children?" I added as Big Boy was making a break for it with the unexpected interruption to us waiting for Top Ender to exit her classroom.

Top Ender started chatting away to me as we walked round the corner and I felt like I was a condemned man walking. I racked my brains trying to think of what I had donated that had caused this member of the PTA to hunt me out after school and to take me somewhere discreet to talk about it. I suddenly swallowed thinking that maybe the rechargeable vibrator was in the bag and this is why she wanted to talk to me when suddenly she came to a stop in front of two more PTA members.

"This was the Lady with the hamper!" she said excitedly
"Thank you so much!" said a second lady
"It was a fantastic prize!" said a third
"We were so pleased when we saw it, couldn't believe it had been donated!" said the second lady

I couldn't believe it, there was me thinking I was going to be kicked out of the school and instead I was being thanked. I guess next time I won't dread my meeting with the PTA.