One of *those* moments

You know when the universe tries to teach you a lesson and you can see what the lesson is but you refuse to acknowledge it? This past week the Universe (well actually it's God, but you know Universe is cool too) was really trying to teach me something and I was being very stubborn and not letting go.

The Relief Society Lesson this past weekend was aimed at me.

A conversation I had with a friend brought up a couple of points I knew I should be looking at.

Talking with my sister I had another prompt to make changes and take action.

Then today I had one of *those* moments.

A moment where you suddenly realise that in this world there are only a few things that matter.

So tonight, whilst I am sitting in the den and Flyfour is sitting at the PC I'm going to write to all those who mean something to me and tell them so.

I'm going to ask for forgiveness to all those who I've had negative feelings towards.

I'm going to forgive myself for mistakes I've made.

I'm going to pray for those I love. I'm going to pray for my friends, my family, for you dear reader and for everyone who has ever come into my life.

And I'm going to pray for me.

And tomorrow, hopefully, I will remember this lesson I've learnt and be able to move on to the next stage in my life.

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