The Twunt At The Gym

I was in a bad mood before I got to the gym this morning. I was tired, I had overslept and wasn't in the mood for working out. I knew though if I didn't go to the gym and work out that I would regret it later in the day even if I had promised myself I would go in the evening. I decided to start on the treadmill, something nice and easy to ease me into the morning and chose a machine away from other gym members already working out. Another gym member was on a machine two to my left and another two to my right, but I was okay where I was.

It was good until another gym member got on the empty machine to my right, because he vaguely knew the chap on the machine that had been the other side of the empty treadmill. They started chatting and loudly; I had headphones on and could still clearly here them. The conversation they had was about why they had both joined the gym. Apparently they had both been advised by their Doctor that they needed to improve their health as they had both been diagnosed with diabetes. The chap who had been on the treadmill to start with seemed to be quite serious about his diagnosis and it was clear to me that he wanted to talk about it as it had had an impact on his life. I sympathised with him as Big Boys recent Type One diagnosis has had a huge impact on us. The second chap however started going on about how his diabetes has been cured now that he has started exercising and how who knew you could cure diabetes with exercise.

I wanted to punch this guy. He hasn't cured diabetes, he has simply discovered that the diabetes that he has (I'm guessing he is a type two) is managed better when he is taking part in regular physical exercise and I'm guessing again that it is better managed now that he has made some changes in his diet too. I've been told I should have told him what an idiot he was, that I should have told him that there is more than one type of diabetes, that he should be careful about what he discusses in public because he could offend other people with his I know everything attitude.

I didn't though. He didn't know that the conversation he was having loudly was going to affect anyone else in the gym the way if affected me, he didn't know that right now I would give up anything, do anything, say anything for diabetes to be something that can be cured. For my baby to not have to be injected and pricked and make wishes at night that he would only have to take the medicine one more time before he never needed it again.

I hope that one day the announcement is made that a cure for diabetes has been found and that maybe like the twunt at the gym suggested that it is something simple like doing some extra exercise that turns out to be the cure, but until that day every time I see the twunt at the gym I'll make sure that I turn my headphones up a bit more.

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  1. Been there, got the T-Shirt! I was diagnosed with Type II in January - approx 18 months after my Dad was also diagnosed. Mine was found quite late and I've been diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet. Dad was diagnosed quite early. Dad thinks he doesn't need his meds as he doesn't feel unwell.
    One day, we will find a cure

  2. @Niki Sorry about the neuropathy, I know how hard that is.


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