Making Time for Exercise

I used to make excuse after excuse with regards to how I couldn't fit exercise into my day. I couldn't do anything during the day because I would have to stop every time Big Boy decided that he wanted my attention. I couldn't do anything at night because as well as not liking to work out in front of Flyfour I was just too tired after a day of doing whatever it is that I do. I couldn't do it in the morning as I was asleep, I couldn't do it at the weekend as that is family time.

Recently I knew that things had to change, I couldn't keep making excuses. I had to take control. I had plans for the Summer, I was going to get the children controlling my exercise. They had to force me to go to the outdoor gym in the morning, to play on the Wii or Xbox in the afternoon and we would have to fit in things like going swimming, going for a walk and a picnic, going to the park and lots more besides and all around these two standing appointments.

When I joined the gym, Flyfour said to me that I had to go at least four times a week to the gym and swim once in order to make it worth the cost of the membership. I was really worried, how on earth was I going to take all this time out of my week to go the gym? I clean and cook, look after the children, make packed lunches, watch TV, read books, spend time with my family, Blog, Tweet, play games on the computer, take my Mum shopping and on top of that and a lot of other things I need to sleep too.

My turning point came when I realised that I had to make time to exercise, I had to make sure that in all the things I have to do in a day that I made sure that exercise was in there somewhere. This is how I'm doing it so far.

Walk before I eat

I go and run round my garden for ten minutes before I eat lunch or dinner (I already work out in the morning before breakfast) and that way I know that I am getting in at least twenty minutes of aerobic exercise each day. If I am on the phone instead of sitting and chatting I walk round my kitchen, or the living room. As I am on the phone to my Mum everyday for about fifteen minutes, my sister for about a half hour a week and I speak to my Nan for around forty-five minutes a week and I walk at about 4mph that means I walk around 12 miles a week just whilst I'm on the phone!

Schedule it

I speak with Flyfour and the children about plans for the next couple of weeks and then I schedule in my exercise around any prior commitments. I have synchronised my phone calender with my Google calender, added my husband and then I can keep a note of everything. As it's scheduled I know that I have to go or I might not have time later.

Go with a Friend

My sister started her running not long after I started going to the gym. We've made plans that we are going to go running together and possibly run a marathon or a half marathon together next year. I don't want to let her down and so I know that I have to train now so that I can be ready in the future.

I'm also loving the support that I am getting from everyone here on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. I love posting my random updates when I'm going to the gym, at the gym or leaving after a work out and getting the retweets, comments and encouragement from everyone. I feel like everyone wants me to succeed and I don't want to be the reason everyone is let down.

Do it Together

After the first two weeks of the early morning workouts I realised I was smiling in recognition at other gym members and they were smiling back. We got to know each other through sweating together and they have been encouraging me to push myself harder than I thought possible, they've been teaching me better technique. I know that if I don't go one morning they are going to question me why the next time I do go.

Of course I also managed to work out that exercising with my family is a great thing. Going to the park and working out by running round with them, playing football or just going for a walk was a great way to pack in some family time and exercise.

Get up early

I decided to go to the gym when the gym first opens, (every weekday morning at 6am) instead of sleeping in or laying in bed reading. I get up, get to the gym and get done all before the children are out of bed. It's been great, and is a perfect way to start the day. I've found that I'm getting more done, I'm exercising more during the day and even though it feels that I'm not seeing Flyfour as much I know that I'm doing something that will extend my time with him in the long run.

So that's how I'm making time for exercise. Are there any other ways I could squeeze in more?

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