When did alcohol become a criteria in deciding what to do with your family?

I've just had another Summer Days Out Press release sent to me for possible inclusion on A Mothers Ramblings. I have no problem with being sent a press release, even when it is sent to Dear Mummy Blogger or includes another bloggers children's details (as happened to Emma at Me, The Man and The Baby recently when she got an email talking about Top Ender and Big Boy!) but what I am objecting to is the number of times I read through what seems like a great event or day out and then they go and spoil it by saying something along the lines of;

"and there will be something a bit stronger for the grown ups"

Seriously? You think that by pointing out that you are going to have alcohol all parents are going to suddenly think 

"Wow! What a great idea, let's go there they have alcohol!"

Okay, so I know that I don't drink alcohol at all and that I might be the odd one out here, but I don't understand when having access to alcohol at a family event was such an important highlight. Surely if you are taking your family out for the day you don't need alcohol to get you through it and if you do then doesn't that say a lot more about you than it does your family?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't drink in front of our children, (I used to drink a diluted glass of wine with my Sunday Roast when I was little) but I am wondering if the rise in the number of younger drinkers and the rise in the amount of binge drinkers in the world is because of environmental factors such as seeing parents and other adults drinking at every possible occasion?

What do you think, have I got it all wrong? Or just when did alcohol become a criteria in deciding what to do with your family?

What's this all about then?

Well if you have found me here, then you must know me from A Mothers Ramblings or on Twitter because they are the only two places I have "outed" myself so far.

Right so what is Pippa World all about? Well many moons ago I had a boss (who was rather lovely) who often joked it must be nice at Pippa World and so seeing as the internet is the cheapest way to build a whole land dedicated to oneself I decided to create Pippa World here on the net.

Over at AMR, I talk about my family as it is a record of all the fantastic things we tried, places we went, people we met etc, but I feel a bit wrong about filling it up with pictures of me in my underwear looking fat and well just fat. So I thought that maybe, Pippa World could be the place for me. The place where all the junk that is in my head falls out for you to read...

So here we go.

Welcome to Pippa World...