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Hi! I'm Pippa the writer of this here blog.

You might know me from my other blog, A Mothers Ramblings, or my Twitter account or even from Facebook but I'm the same person just in lots of different places. Normally at the same time too!

I started Pippa World after an old boss commented that it must be nice in Pippa World and he was right, it is nice here! The birds are always singing, the sun is always shining, there is an open buffet and I keep the bar well stocked... just don't look in the cupboard under the stairs because that's where I keep all the junk.

Earlier this year I realised that I needed to take drastic action to become a healthy weight and to increase my fitness, so I joined a gym and started a new lifestyle to increase my fitness and to lose weight, so along with my ramblings about the random thoughts I have in my head you will also find lots of posts about exercise, weight loss and diet.

When I'm not on the web I'm lucky enough to be a Stay at home Mummy which I combine with pretending to be Psychic. It's quite handy really as it means I know when my children are going to misbehave and can intervene... that might be why people are pretty sure my children are never naughty.

If you want to contact me, you can send me an email (just take out the space) or you can tweet me I don't mind.


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