The Afternoon Slump

Prior to going to the gym every morning I was never tired. Now come 3pm my body screams at me to sit on the sofa and just veg out. I must admit that over the last few days I have given in and sat and read, or cuddled with BB and Tops whilst we watch a TV programme together or discuss what has happened during the day. I somehow make myself get up to make the evening meal, but I'm quiet and withdrawn, grumpy almost and then after our evening meal, although I'm still feeling tired, I push myself to go back to the Gym to go Swimming or for Aquafit. It's then that I'm truly awake again and when I get home I'm buzzing from the exercise and all the little endorphins rushing round my system make me feel great.

It's the afternoon slump that I'm trying to combat. When I used to work in an office I would see a lot of my co-workers hit this slump (particularly on a Friday afternoon) and they would turn to vast amounts of coffee or tea to get themselves going again. I don't drink coffee or tea for religious reasons (I'm LDS) so I can't do that.

I know a few of the staff would go for a walk to the coffee shop, not to get a coffee but just to get the blood flowing round again and to have a breath of fresh air. I do this every afternoon with the School Run, but I don't see any benefits to it. If anything I'm more tired after the School Run!

It's been suggested that going out in the sunshine for twenty minutes or so would help my body to realise this was awake time and not sleep time. I don't know if the person who suggested this has ever been to the UK during the summer, but let me show you what it looks like out there today.

Puddle of Rain

Sure there is natural light, but there is no way you are going to find me out in the garden in the pouring rain for twenty minutes!

My sister suggested eating earlier or eating a banana as a snack for that slow release of energy to get me through the day. The problem with that is we like to eat as a family and Flyfour isn't home and ready to eat until about 6pm. The banana idea is good, but I don't like to snack before dinner but prefer to leave it for an after evening work out snack as I'm normally starving when I get back.

So what do you think? What would help me get over that afternoon slump where all I want to do is sleep?

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  1. Oh crumbs, I wish I had the answer but I'm in the same position. I have tried eating lunch a little later and that helps a little, but my body is screaming for sugar at 3pm! Thing is, even if I indulge, then the comedown later is just horrible! I hope you find a cure for you soon, I shall keep reading!

  2. @Danielle, I think I found the key today. I forgot to eat lunch and I was fine. I'm thinking that maybe my lunch is too heavy?

  3. You could try a late brunch and then dinner when hubby is home....Thats my theory!

    We just found out that my favourite low cal ice lollies are so high in simple sugars that they are the only possible reason hubbies triclyceride levels have gone through the roof.....they are now joining carbs on my things to avoid list..Not that I have high cholesterol, but maybe simple sugars are slowing me down.

    Back to brunch - I usually have a one egg with whatever left overs there are lying around and a sprinkling of cheese. then top it with a big dollop of salsa.........Keeps me going through until we eat dinner at around 6.30pm
    One egg is only 90 cals so depending what you out into it you can have a lot of food for very little calorific value.....

    Keep up the good work Pippa

    Lou :-)

  4. Take it from one who used to pull off very early starts - get up half an hour or an hour later if you can get away with it. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

  5. @Glowstars unfortunately I can't. If I want to get to the Gym and be back home in time to do everything else I have to get up at stupid o clock. I go to bed at stupid early o clock too though!


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