I Lost Weight On Holiday!

We got back from our mini-break to Paris about Midnight last night. We had a great time whilst we were away but I couldn't wait to get home as I wanted to check my weight. I was really hoping that I was going to lose a couple of pounds whilst I was away, as it would let me get just below 20 stone and I feel that getting under 20 stone would be a marker, it would give me more impetus to get to my next goal.

I thought that I would lose weight because I knew that we were going to be walking around a lot. Boy did we walk; We walked a lot around Paris and around Disneyland and up a countless number of stairs in the Metro stations and around the different Tourist attractions that we visited and then Flyfour and I also did a fair bit of weight lifting as we end up carrying Big Boy and Top Ender around a bit when they were too tired to walk any more.

This morning when Big Boy woke me up, I came downstairs and in my bleary eyed state I remembered that what I wanted to do was weigh myself. So I stood on the scales and was very surprised to see that instead of the 2lb loss that I expected and hoped for I had lost 5lbs. I was ecstatic, I mean who wouldn't want to lose 5lb in three days?!

It's really given me that push that I needed and I'm ready for more changes as I lose weight and continue to tone up. It's a long journey, but I feel that I'm well on the way.

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  1. The exercise helps but you probably ate quite differently while you were away. It all goes towards the big drop (of your pants!)

    1. I did eat differently, I hardly ate a thing. I meant to put that in here lol.... oh yeah and read the post that goes live tonight!


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