Zoning Out of Life

Something that I am always fearful of happening is zoning out at Church. When the Sacrament is passed, you get a few minutes (depending where you're sitting) before someone passes a tray to you and knowing how deeply I can get lost in thought I'm always worried that someone will have to punch me a few times before I wake up enough to realise what is going on.

It's only happened once. It was Easter Sunday and luckily we were sharing the pew that week with a family I know and they managed to "wake me up" fairly quickly. Well they managed to rouse me anyway. I know why it happened, I let my guard down because I'd already had the Sacrament passed to me and I had started praying and was so deep in prayer that I wasn't ready for someone quiet, I was waiting for something loud to rouse me from prayer!

It got me thinking though.

How many times in life have I zoned out? How much of my life have I missed out on?

How many of us live our whole life on autopilot not actually observing or taking part in what is going on around us?

I'm pretty sure that most of us live at least some of our life on autopilot. I can drive from my house to the supermarket and when I get there I realised that it must be a miracle that I didn't crash as I don't remember how I got there. It's like I've switched off, switched to autopilot and missed the last five minutes of my life.

I guess five minutes here and there is okay, it's the people that live their whole life on autopilot that I worry for really. They probably don't even know that they are missing out on their life. They don't realise that they aren't giving their all. They don't know that they aren't living an active life.

They don't know that they are missing out on the best thing, they are missing out on their life.

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