It's just like Crack

There are some phrases recovering over weight people, like me, hate to hear. Phrases like;

"I lost 7lbs in one week on this diet" 
"I heard that Celebrities use this diet to lose up to a stone in a week!".

Phrases like that are like crack to us.

We're working hard to lose weight at a sustainable and sensible rate (roughly 2lb a week, but it can be more depending on how much weight we have to lose) and hearing that there is a new diet on the market that will help us lose a stupid amount of weight and quickly, immediately makes us want to jump on that diet.

We can't help it. We know in our hearts and heads that slow and steady wins the race, and that it is far more sensible to work at the weight loss, so that we understand how to maintain our weight when we eventually reach our goal, but getting to our goal a little quicker? Who wouldn't want that?

And so we plod on, wondering why other people can jump on a diet and lose so much weight in one week and we're stuck here losing it slowly.

And eventually we're get to our goal, and we'll be ready for the new challenges that lay ahead.

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