There is a reason

I'm not sure if it is having a faith, or just the way I think, but I'm pretty sure that everything happens for a reason. At times I might not know what that reason is, but eventually I find a meaning behind everything and so when something happens that makes me think;
"Oooh that's a bit strange!"
I know there is a meaning behind it.

On Sunday I was in my bedroom catching up on Doctor Who whilst preparing for next weeks Relief Society lesson (I'm teaching) and hanging around in case Big Boy needed me, as he had decided he wanted to play in his room. After it finished, I thought I should do a bit of House Keeping on the Sky recorder and so deleted off a few programmes that I no longer had an interest in watching. I was deleting off a lot of the series Touched by an Angel, when I came across one that wouldn't delete. So, I thought I'd best watch it.

The synopsis of the story on the sky guide was "The angels help a family that usually runs like clockwork, when everything seems to go wrong at once." As I started watching it, I realised that the crux of the issues that were to change this family's life and to bring them closer to God was the diagnosis of diabetes in their daughter. That's why in part that I started going back to Church, the diagnosis of Big Boy's diabetes. It's how I got closer to my Heavenly Father again. Before Big Boy was diagnosed a few things happened in our life, just small things that made the diagnosis that much easier to handle.

I started meal planning and making sure I understood what it was that we put in our bodies.

We got a proper schedule in place for what time we ate our meals, and when we exercised and when we went to bed and when we got up.

We started clearing out the junk in our home, allowing us to have space for things we needed.

There were many more things that happened, there were many more ways in which we were prepared for the huge change in our life, just like the characters in this TV Show and just like them I wanted to give thanks for my life and my family.

It seems strange to some people, that my son was diagnosed with a life changing illness and I wanted to give thanks.

I wanted to give thanks because I'm blessed, every time I give Big Boy an injection I remember how precious life is. Every time I wake up I remember how lucky I am, how lucky we are as a family to have the support of a wonderful care team, the technology to allow us to manage Big Boy's diabetes and the love of each other.

There were a few more messages in the TV show that were just for me, they are too personal at the moment for me to share, but I know that there was a reason that this particular episode of Touched by an Angel wouldn't delete and I'm grateful and proud to be my Heavenly Fathers daughter.

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