Are Mother in laws evil or is it the daughters in law?

When I was growing up there were a lot of comedians, who liked to joke that Mother in Laws were evil. I never really got it, because as far as I could see my parents both got on with their respective Mother in laws. So I knew that it was a joke, that it wasn't something that really happened and then I found the man I wanted to spend my life with, and we dated and we got engaged and we got married.

My understanding of the mother in law relationship changed. I was now part of the relationship between mother and son, I was one third of the relationship.

I got on with my Father in law almost from the first second that we met, (and his Second wife), but my soon to be Mother in law seemed to be a little more distant. I was sure at first that she was disapproving because Flyfour and I were engaged and practically married before we met (as in my MIL and I not Flyfor and I) and then maybe because Flyfour and she were close, then maybe because I wasn't C.O.E. like she was...

I'm still not sure why she seemed not to like me. Maybe she really didn't like me, although I always thought and have been told that I am likeable. I'm still not close enough to my MIL to ask her and I certainly won't ask Flyfour to ask her so one of you is going to have to.

I could tell you hundreds of stories about my MIL, and I'm sure that she could tell you hundreds about me. And that's the point isn't it?

I chose Flyfour to be my husband, I knew that I wanted to spend my life with him but I didn't do the same "vetting" on my future in laws. These people are going to be in my life FOREVER (especially being LDS as I am as I believe that Family is eternal and not just death till we part) and yet the only connection I have to them really is their son.

Then when I had Big Boy, I understood that I was going to be the worst Mother in law in the world. This little boy means so much to me, because he's my son. Yes, I'm teaching him everything I can so that he is respectful, kind, loving, giving so that he is going to be one of the best darn husbands of all time and his wife will love me for it BUT I'm still going to want him in my life.

I'm going to want to come and see their babies, I'm going to want to have them round my house regularly for dinner and I'll want them to have me round to their home too. I'm going to want to be as involved in their life as I know that I will be involved in Top Ender's.

My poor daughter in law is going to hate me for being so involved.

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