Do you ever hold on to a secret?

I have a secret, which I'm going to share because it isn't a "real" secret, it's just a thought that I like to keep to myself and when I'm feeling down or lonely or just want a few minutes to myself, I tell myself that secret and bask in the warmth that I get from knowing something special is going to happen.

It's selfish really. I know this because when I shared my secret with some friends they were so pleased for me and excited and happy and joyous and every other word you can think of, that if your friend told you some great news you'd squee out until you were spent.

There were plans made, and hugs given and messages exchanged and offers of support given and phone calls placed and grins all over the place. I do believe there were even a few prayers of thanks and love and praise.

Now, thinking back over the three groups of friends that I've told I can see the love and support that they unconditionally offer me and why they all reacted the way they did.

I can understand why they are so excited, it's the same reason I'm excited.

I know why there were tears, it's why I'm crying right now.

And so I'm sharing this secret with you, it won't make sense to a lot of you but to those in the know it will.

I'm going to the Temple.

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