I'm not fat but you are

I thought that I was setting a good example.

I thought that by showing the Children how to eat right, how to exercise and how to not get to the point where I am (overweight) that they were going to live happy and healthy lives. Diabetes of course screwed that up for Big Boy in part, but it turns out that I have too.

"I'm not fat but you are" is something said to me on a daily basis by Big Boy. Big Boy has understood what I've been saying and instead of understanding how it applies to me and instead of taking it as a warning and having an understanding of why I'm overweight and how we can stop me from being over weight and how we can prevent him and his Sister from becoming over weight he sees it as something that he can use as an insult.

And yet he doesn't understand that to me it is an insult.

I mean, yes he is 100% right. I am fat and he isn't. He is just making a statement of fact as he sees it (and there is nothing like a child to make a statement of fact that cuts straight to the heart of the matter) but I still see it as an insult as I'm sure all of the people he might say it to will.

I've created a problem and I don't know how to solve it.

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  1. Ouch. I have no advice, just a virtual {{hug}}.

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com

    1. Ahh thanks, I'm sure that as I get slimmer he'll understand more.


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