Some People

I think that I've always known that some people will never change.

I was lucky, I changed. I saw that my selfish ways were not the way I wanted to live. I saw that the childish reactions I had were not the ways I wanted to react. I realised that I wanted to put other people first, I knew that there was a better way to live.

As I said though, some people never change.

Some people remain the same through out their lives, not realising the destruction that they leave in their wake. They think that because the strategy has worked in their past and they survived unscathed that it is the right strategy.

And the people that don't survive their wrath? The people that they cut down because they grow taller and straighter than the rest? Well, they may be cut down but they'll grow back.

And next time, they'll be stronger because they will change, they will adapt.

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