My thoughts are with Boston

Half my life ago, my Dad was a runner. Not just any kind of runner though, he ran marathons. I can't quite remember how he did it, but he won a place in the Boston Marathon thanks to some Magazine but the weekend that it was on happened to coincide with the first week that my American Exchange Student was going to be with us and so he declined the prize. Thanks in part to him and my natural love of running I've always looked out for news about Marathons, determined that one day I'll run the London marathon and the Boston like my Dad should have.

And when my husband came home from his bike ride this evening telling me there was some terrible news I knew it was related to the Boston Marathon. Flyfour told me enough of the news that I wouldn't have to go and watch the news, or read it on Twitter because he knew that if I did I'd break down and cry.

And so this evening I've prayed and I'll continue to pray as it is all I can offer.

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