Breaking Habits

When I was younger I drank Coffee. Not just any Coffee though, double strength Coffee and at least six large mugs a day. I wasn't LDS then, so it wasn't something which broke the Word of Wisdom which I try to follow now and the Coffee was something I really enjoyed.

I started getting migraines, really, really, bad migraines and we (my Doctor and I) put them down to the coffee consumption. So I gave up the coffee. I don't remember getting withdrawal symptoms, although I do remember not really caring that I no longer had coffee as my go to drink and my migraines improved, to the point where I didn't have them any more.

I was thinking about this earlier, because I was wondering why I can't do that now. I'm not addicted to Coffee any more, but I have plenty of other addictions that are harming me.

Why can't I just give up eating Chocolate?

Why can't I just stop eating when I'm not hungry?

Why can't I just give up eating portions which are too big?

Why can't I just stop these addictions which are harming me every day?

I understand what I'm doing to myself. I'm not stupid, I can read reports and news articles. I can watch TV programmes and understand what the Doctors and Specialists in them are saying. I've seen the disgusting pictures of people who's arteries and organs are filled with fatty deposits and who have eaten their way to an early death. I see what my Son has to go through every day because a part of his body decided that it no longer wanted to work and I know that if I don't solve my obesity that I'm much more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, a disease that is preventable unlike the Type 1 he suffers from.

I can see how it applies to me, and yet I'm still not making the changes.

Why? I wish I knew.

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  1. Because caffeine, like alcohol, is avoidable. We're faced with food every day and have to continue to eat so it's not like we can go cold turkey.
    I'm at the same point too - I've put back on all the weight I lost last summer. *Hugs*

    1. Hugs to you too Vic. I didn't look at it that way, I just see healthy food and unhealthy food and yet can't avoid it, I guess because as you say it's food and we can't avoid it.


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