Six Ways To Lose A Stone

When Flyfour and I were engaged we decided that we needed to lose weight. We decided that what we really needed to do was to diet together because that way we would have the support that we needed in the form of each other and at this point we were always eating together anyway. Somehow we ended up deciding the diet we wanted to follow was the "Six Ways to Lose a Stone in Six Weeks", we brought the book and Judith Wills (the author) became our guru.

There are six sets of questions at the start of the book, that help you work out what diet would be best for you to follow. The six diets are;

The Detox and Energise Plan
The Healthy Fast Food Plan
The Sweet-tooth Plan
The Meat-free Plan
The Business Plan
The Family Plan

The first time we answered the questions, there were a two different diets that we could follow. The Healthy Fast Food plan and the Sweet-tooth plan, but as Flyfour hasn't a sweet tooth as big as mine we decided to follow the Healthy Fast Food Plan. Which meant we got to eat McDonalds. We like McDonalds.

The diet was brilliant. We both lost just over a stone in the six weeks, just as the book said we might.

There were unlimited foods that we could eat if we wanted to, there are recipes which were great tasting and easy to follow. There are stories that we could draw inspiration from and exercise suggestions which mean it was a lot easier to work out how to burn off the extra 250 calories a day that the diets suggest.

And after the diet finished we kept the book on the shelf, so that we could use it again if we needed to. And we did a few times, not just for some of the foods that we discovered we like, but for following the plan again from time to time.

And then last week when I weighed myself and realised that I had put back on most of the weight I had lost I knew that I had to get the book out again. So I told Flyfour that we were on a diet. This time I chose the Family plan as the base, but because of our unique circumstances and my knowledge of the book from past uses I've picked a few recipes from all the plans (it's allowed!).

We've been on the diet since Saturday, and apart from an issue with the Aubergine and Lentil Curry last night (Big Boy didn't want to eat it and there is way more than four servings in the amount I made more like ten, but I followed the recipe straight!) nobody has noticed anything different from what we normally eat.

I've been keeping note of what I'm eating on myfitnesspal (feel free to add me as a friend) and I'm seeing a difference already in my clothes, although I'm not going to weigh myself until the six weeks are up.

So the next few weeks (and no doubt several posts) will be about the diet and my fitness and I'm hoping that once the six weeks are up I can go on it again and again and again, (I mean I have ten stone to lose so I could basically live on this for a year and be within a stone of my goal weight) but I'm not thinking about that for now.

Right now I'm thinking about the next six weeks and one stone and that's it.

I think that maybe, just maybe that might be the key to my success.

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