Chantenay Carrot Snack Packs

Carrots are one of my most favourite vegetables. I'll eat them steamed, boiled, roasted, raw, grated, dipped or in cakes and muffins, sliced in sandwiches... basically I'll eat them any which way. So when I was asked if I wanted to go and try some new snack pack carrots I said No. Why, would I want to go and try a sliced carrot in London when I can eat a sliced carrot in my kitchen? Then the guys at Chantenay Carrots asked if I'd want to try some at home, and I never say no to a free carrot.

Chantenay Carrot Snack Pots

The information I had about the Chantenay Carrot Snack Packs said that the carrots are;

"... neatly packaged fresh sliced carrots created the "Chantenay way"... our carrots are already small we don't need to cut them into vegetable shapes or dip our carrots into chemical solutions to keep them fresh. They are naturally small, sweet and very crunchy."

I thought that this meant they were going to be little baby like carrots, but no the carrots are sliced carrots just short, perfectly formed, carrots. I had some for a mid morning snack and they were lovely and crunchy and perfect for me to munch on whilst I was busy hanging out the washing.

The packs are for sale in Morrisons from the 6th May for 85p and I've been reliably informed that they come with a little dipping pot of Hummus too. It's an easy way to get one of your five a day and I think quite a good one the go snack.

I was sent three packs of the Carrots, but no Hummus. So I made my own. YUM!

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