The Old School Crush

I've just got back from shopping with my Mum, we went to her local supermarket instead of mine (Mine is bigger and has a better variety of food) which is in the town which I grew up in. Unsurprisingly walking around this Supermarket means I bump into a lot of people I know. People who taught me, people who babysat me, people I babysat for, people I went to school with...

It was a person I went to School with that I spotted in Tesco today. I had a little bit of a crush on this chap when I was younger and my knowledge of the way they hold themselves in public has apparently not faded as even without looking directly at him I knew it was him, just from the way he walked. I say I spotted him, but I think that he actually spotted me first as I only became aware of him after I realised I was being followed (I'm like a spy me. Razor sharp senses) and they were pretty bad at doing it. Maybe it wasn't all in my head when I was younger and he had a crush on me too?! The first thing I thought was;

"Do I look alright?"

Do I look alright? For crying out loud I'm overweight, almost double the age I was when I first knew him and I didn't shower after the gym today because I'm going back there this afternoon. On the plus side, I am wearing flattering fitting clothes...

Seriously how stupid is my internal voice? It's been a good Fifteen years since I left school and last thought about this chap and as you know I'm not on the market, I'm very happily married to a wonderful man (it's okay he doesn't read this blog so you know I'm not lying!) so why did I think that?

Then again what did he think about me? He must have been interested as why else would he follow me round the supermarket? Did he have an internal dialogue going making me to the answer to his life's quest? Did he think;

"Oooh look there's Pippa. I remember her from School as I had a massive Crush on her. Doesn't she look fantastic? I'll follow her around for a bit and find out if she has a Mr Pippa. She obviously has children as those two with her call her Mum. I could adopt them, I could be their Dad. How can I bump into her and start a conversation? Let me follow her down the crisps aisle even though I already have some in my trolley..."

I was trying to think what to say if he approached me. I decided in the end that I would recognise him but pretend I had forgotten his name.

"Hi Pippa. Remember me?" he would say
"Oh Hi! Yeah, erm... sorry I've forgotten your name" I would say

And then I would have the power because he remembered my name and it would seem as if I had forgotten his. I'm not sure why that would matter, but it seemed like the best idea at the time.

As soon as I got home, I thought I would Facebook Stalk him. See what he was up to, follow him round the virtual supermarket but his profiles locked (the git) and we only have a couple of mutual friends, neither of which I could ask to use their account to nose around his. I'm actually quite gutted.

So, all I know today is that some childhood crushes don't go away, they might fade but they always linger.

But I've just had a thought. What if he wasn't following me round the supermarket? What if he was actually following my Mum?

Oh please don't let that be it.

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