Sophia, Blood and Olympic Hearts

When I woke up this morning the first thing I thought was "Yay! My butt doesn't hurt after yesterdays 14 mile cycle ride!" and as nobody else was awake I snuggled down under the duvet to read some more of my book. It wasn't until Flyfour woke up about an hour later that I realised I had lost my voice. Still, if losing my voice was going to be the worst thing that happened today it was still going to be a great day.

The entire family set about doing their various Sunday morning tasks. Eating breakfast, playing with toys, catching up on TV, reading emails etc before I went to the gym. The Cycle ride the day before had blown away a few of the cobwebs of a cold and so I was hoping that a quick trip to the gym might do the same for my voice.

It didn't.

In fact coming out of the gym a random woman held the door open for me and said "Hello Sophia!" and was acting like I should know her and that she was annoyed that I hadn't said Hi to her first. I hoarsely whispered that my name wasn't Sophia (at least it wasn't when I went into the Gym) and also I was very sorry but as I had no voice I couldn't really talk. Random woman carried on a conversation about how much I looked like Sophia and how another woman was also convinced that I was this Sophia woman that I almost said I was just to get her to shut up. Seeing as the only image that I can find on Google Images, of a woman who looks a little like me and is called Sophia in my home town is of an Escort, I'm pretty glad I didn't!

Flyfour and Tops went out to the City Centre to do a few bits and pieces whilst BB and I stayed at home. I started preparing the Sunday Roast when I managed to slice a chunk of the knuckle of my right thumb off. I knew that this wasn't good and before the was any blood grabbed a plaster from the box in the kitchen, stuck it on and went to the sofa explained to Big Boy what was going to happen and not to be scared and then passed out.

After coming back round the first time (A personal best of passing out ten times) I got BB to get me the phone so I could call Flyfour. He should have been home as he was only supposed to be gone an hour and I knew that continuing to pass out was eventually going to get BB scared. Flyfour arrived home, took one look at me, one look at the blood still bleeding out of my wound and called an ambulance. Luckily we live three minutes away from the Ambulance Station and they were with us only moments after Flyfour finished his call with the 999 operator.

After Flyfour explained that I always pass out when I see blood and that was the only reason he seemed not to care about my very pale colour, the Paramedics established that I was conscious, able to respond and took a look at my thumb whilst I screamed into a pillow (it hurt!). They bandaged me up and gave me permission to exaggerate my cut (I sliced right through and it was only hanging on by a single bit of flesh *WINK*) which one of the paramedics said she would have left uncovered if it wasn't for my phobia. Apparently they didn't have a plaster a suitable size and so gave me one that covered almost all of my thumb, however seeing as I could see the smaller plasters in the medical kit I'm pretty sure they were trying to reassure me that it wasn't as bad as it actually is.

A Well Bandaged Thumb

Whilst I was being bandaged up the other paramedic had been taking my pulse and blood pressure. He looked a little worried and asked me;

"Have you ever been told that you have a slow heartbeat?"

Luckily both I and Flyfour have on several occasions been told that I have a slow heartbeat and he was reassured enough to not drag me off to the hospital for an ECG to discover why my heart rate was so slow, he measured it at 43 beats per minute (I'm normally around 48) and said I had a heart rate an Olympic Athlete would be proud of. Taking my blood pressure he again said that this was the blood pressure of someone who was really fit!

I took this as good news, who doesn't want to be told that internally they are fit? It also made me realise that even though my blood phobia isn't actually really gone (Boo Hiss) that once the excess fat I am carrying is gone that I will actually be really healthy.

I can't wait to be really healthy.

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