Another Gym Rant

Sometimes I don't feel like going to the gym. Even though I'm loving the changes in my body and my health it is a big change from being inactive to working my tail off and so I force myself to go. It might be that I go so early in the morning that I don't realise what I'm doing or by booking a class (I have to pay if I don't attend) so that I have to go at a certain time or even by arranging everything else in my life around what time I want to go to the gym.

Then when I can't go I get annoyed. And a little bit restless, but mostly annoyed.

Today, Bank Holiday Monday, I agreed with Flyfour that I wanted to go to the gym twice. Once in the morning when it opened at 9am and again in the evening at about 5:30pm. Unfortunately for me Flyfour got up a bit late for me to go at 9am, but I didn't mind. I was being a Wife and Mother and did things with my family. We had a great day, we played, we watched TV together, we shopped, we laughed. It was one of the best Bank Holiday Mondays I remember. Flyfour went out for his bike ride, timing it so that he would be back in time for me to go out and when he did get back I forced myself to go to the gym for my evening work out.

I got dressed in my gym gear (seriously I'm over weight you think I enjoy wearing leggings and tank tops? You think I enjoy putting on a sports bra that squishes my breasts into one lump so I don't knock myself out when jogging?), I arranged my life around this moment, I'd driven to the gym (I'll start cycling or walking when BB starts school in a couple of weeks) and then I get told;

"We're closing in ten minutes, so you can't come in"

No problem if I've made a mistake, it's my fault I should have checked.

But I had checked.

I purposely asked the receptionist what time the gym was opening and closing because it was a bank holiday. I was told that the gym was open between 9am and 7:30pm and as there is a last admission thirty minutes before the close of the gym I knew that meant I could only go between 9am and 7pm.

So when I turned up at 5:45 and I am told the Gym is closing in ten minutes I'm not surprisingly pissed off. So telling the staff member on reception that evening that I'm annoyed that I'd been misinformed by an employee I expect to be taken more seriously that I was. For my complaint to be heard.

I don't know why I expected better.

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