The MAD's, A Workout and Bed

The MAD Blog awards were held on Friday, I was lucky enough to have been able to go as I was helping out with some live blogging and corralling the guests in the bar area before letting them in to the actual ceremony. It was a great evening full of lovely people, some of which were convinced I was drunk despite several tweets confirming that I'm Teetotal! Honestly I really am just OTT most of the time and like to make other people feel relaxed by having a laugh with them and of course having a laugh with all the lovely people that I know in the British Parent Blogging Community and it's thanks to Sally that I was able to be a helper this year. Thanks Sally!

Lovely Vic and I were sharing a room (we're used to it now having done it once before but honestly it seems like we've done it many many times more!) and with giggles over how many layers of spanx I was wearing and catching up on gossip it was well after 2am that we finally went to sleep and when I woke up at 6am with my body telling me "GYM TIME!" I almost said a rude word. Instead I gave myself a lay in before getting dressed and heading to the Hotel Basement to have a work out all on my own.

I was in the gym for just under an hour and worked up quite a sweat on a Treadmill, a Cross Trainer, a Recumbent Bike, a Rowing Machine and using some free weights along with an Exercise Ball. It was a good work out and I really enjoyed it, despite the lack of sleep, lack of wifi connection in the basement and only BBC News 24 for company.

Everyone that I spoke to that morning was surprised that I had actually been to the gym, I think because they only read here what I do, they haven't actually seen me and seen my determination to do this. I got some great compliments about how good I was/am looking (thanks Becky) and it's really made me eager to be my goal weight before the next MAD Blog Awards in 2013 so that I can show all my online friends the new me... plus I kind of said I might turn up next year in just a bikini and a hat!

I'm off to bed now so that I can get up tomorrow morning for the gym. I'm thinking that if I can do it on just four hours sleep I can do it tomorrow too.

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