Just A Few Options

Big Boy started School today, which means whilst I'm still a stay at home Mum I'm a stay at home Mum that doesn't have any children to look after until after School. So I have a few options about what I can do.

I could get a job. Do you know of any that the hours of work are 9:30am to 11:30am and then 12pm to 2:30pm?  Also I'd rather like to be able to just look at Pinterest and sit on Twitter and Facebook all day. No, neither do I know any jobs like that.

I could have endless coffee mornings, without the coffee of course and seeing as I don't have any friends available during the day without the friends too. Not, really a coffee morning is it?

I could clean the house. Let's move on from that shall we.

I could blog. Well, I do that anyway and I don't think that I could drag it out all day.

I could go to the gym and work out and work out and work out and work out. Well, maybe in a couple of weeks but for now I think that being at home is best for me. I need to be near in case BB needs me at School or rather the teaching assistants need me at school.

I could de-clutter the house. Again let's move on from that shall we.

I could garden, take care of the weeds and the flower beds. The garden needs a major overhaul and even with my gardening for dummies book I don't think I could manage them all on my own in the last few days of Summer.

I could watch TV, catch up on Soaps and let my mind rot whilst watching Jeremy Kyle. I used to watch too much TV, I don't really go back there again.

I could become the domestic goddess that I know I am, baking cakes, pies, biscuits and goodness knows what else. Although I think if I did that I might find my family getting sick and tired of all my culinary disasters that they had to stomach!

I could start crafting again, sewing and sticking and weaving and knitting and painting. Although I wasn't that good in the first place, so I doubt that this hobby would be a good one for anything other than creating a mess in my clean living room (it will be clean we just don't aren't talking about cleaning it!).

I could read, I love to read. I could get through the entire library in a couple of months and that could be fun and educational and I could be transported to hundreds of different worlds with just a few pages of an authors words.

I could paint my nails or work up on my make up skills. Vic would be very proud of me for this one.

I could write the book. The book that I know is inside of me (and not because I ate it), about lunches or about being a family or a fiction book with a story I've thought about for a long time.

I could put my plan together for taking over the world, I could be in charge in just five short years...

I could make sure that my secret plan goes ahead, my plan that I shared only with Flyfour. He knows that I was right, that my plan was a great idea and that it is perfect for me. I just need to work on it.

The thing is now that Top Ender and Big Boy are at School I could do all of these and more. I just need to decide what.

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  1. Have you thought about volounteering, all sorts of opportunities out there and it can be flexible. I'm sure your computer/blogging/twitter skills could be really useful somewhere.

    1. I had actually, I used to volunteer for a few places but had to leave when I got a "real" job. It's getting added to the list now!

  2. I think you need to combine nails and make-up with the whole writing thing.

    1. I could write when my nails were painted though, they might smudge!


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