Swimming and Saunas

Last night I had an early night, I'm still not quite ready for getting back in the early morning and late night gym routine (even though I love it when I'm there) and so the plan was to have an early night and then go this morning. Even if I just went swimming, it would be enough that I could say I had exercised.

Then for one reason and another I didn't go to bed at the time I had planned and I didn't have a good nights sleep and by the time I had woken up it was too late to go to the gym and be back in time to do all the other things I do in the morning. When my plans for today fell through I knew what I had to do, I knew that a lunchtime swim would help me get back in the swing of things. So I went to the Swimming Pool intending to swim 300 meters, just slightly more than the 250 that I had done with Flyfour on Tuesday morning and when I had swam this I knew I could carry on and so I ended up doing 500 meters and then having a fifteen minute Sauna.

I feel great this afternoon, really great. It's like the water has given me my mojo back and so I'm thinking a daily swim will give me more inspiration. I've found a plan similar to the Couch to 5K plan for swimming it's called Zero to 1 Mile and so that is my goal on November 2nd (or as close to I guess November 5th seeing as I'm away on November 2nd) I plan to swim 1500 meters and I'm hoping to swim it in about 35 minutes.

As I can swim a 25m length in 40seconds when I'm concentrating I think that it is possible, I just need to make sure that I keep at it!

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  1. 32lbsas lost is AWESOME me and you will be rocking bikinis at some blogging do next yearP. In fact I think we should create a bikini blog up just so we cans how off. (I still have 4 stone to lose though!!)


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