It's Not Vanity, It's Pride

This morning Flyfour had to go to work early and so I was taking the Children to School (normally he does it so he gets some alone time with them each day). I had about five minutes to get dressed, and I was going to put on my shapeless too big jeans and a top, but then I stopped and thought for a moment.

Did I want to wear that? Why didn't I want to make myself look nice for a change?

So I grabbed my black trousers (too big but they flare out nicely) and the black top I wore to the MADs last week. It's what I call posh, it's a going out type top it has sparkles and sheer bits and it feels silky smooth so it is nice to wear. It's not really school run wear but why the heck not?! Teamed with my red shoes so that I wasn't completely in black I thought to myself "Today I look good". Even without any make up done or my hair brushed into anything more stylish than a ponytail. It's amazing what putting on "nice" clothes can do for you.

What really made me happy though was bumping into Neighbour Mum in the playground who had a rather large infectious grin on her face.

"Neighbour Dad saw you the other day" she started "He said WOW! Pippa has lost a lot of weight!".

It thrilled me. I mean I know last week at the MADs I had people telling me I looked great and that they could see I had lost weight, but this is someone who sees me almost every day and they had noticed the loss. I'm pretty sure the Wow wasn't because I was looking fabulous, but because the current weight loss of 35lbs is a huge amount of weight and I have changed shape, a bit anyway.

I think I may go grin at myself in the mirror for a bit. It's not vanity, it's me being proud.

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  1. You look amazing and I'm pleased to hear others are making you feel better and noticing too. You rock x

  2. Well done on the weight loss, you have every reason to feel proud.

    1. Thanks Anne, I'm really pleased with myself and just hope I can keep it going!

  3. Thank you! As soon as I'm my goal weight I'm going to be doing all I can lol

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