My Gym Account Has Been Cancelled! (Part Three)

Just after 9am this morning I called the Harlands Group on the number that my Gym had given me yesterday. As I expected I was already in a queue of people holding to speak to an advisor and it took a few minutes before a rather happy chap answered the phone to me.

I'd like to think that I explained my problem eloquently and concisely, but this is me we are talking about so it was probably a bit more rambling and convoluted but the happy chap understood what I was going on about and quickly accessed my account. I was of course ready to lambaste this happy chap if he gave me an answer I didn't like, as I could see that they had continued to take payments from my account despite having told the gym that my account had been cancelled.

Apparently that wasn't the case though.

The happy chap who answered the phone could find no record of my account having been placed on hold, cancelled or any note on the system to indicate that they had spoken to the gym about cancelling my account for any reason. The happy chap could see that my payments had been made and that there had been no issue in collecting the money as far as he and his company were concerned everything on their end was fine.

The happy chap said that he would send an email to the Gym to confirm that I was fully paid up and that I should be allowed access to the gym, after all according to what I had told him the Gym were claiming that it was the company that handled my direct debits that had cancelled my account. The happy chap even agreed that he would include me in on the email he was sending to the gym, because I want to keep my records up to date and of course the email is about me.

I called the gym back and spoke to another person in the membership department. I explained my problem again, I explained that according to Harlands there wasn't a problem with my payments and the staff member  (Let's call her Staff 2) looked on my account. According to her systems (there are apparently two) I've been cancelled on one and I'm active on the other... from the sounds of it the staff member the day before should have been able to see this too. A few more details were taken and a promise of a call back as soon as the member of staff I had spoken to the day before was in as they needed to check a few details and check with head office over the email that the other member of staff had sent the day before.

At this point I was really confused, but there was promise of it being resolved if I could hang on in there for a couple more hours.

So I waited.

And I waited.

Just before I was about to call them and say, enough is enough I got a call back from staff member 2.

Somehow Head Office cancelled a part of my account, but after the email staff member 1 sent yesterday they had resolved it and if I had gone to the gym this morning I wouldn't have had an issue. The point was though I had had an issue. They had wrongly cancelled my account and caused me to lose work out time, to have to spend time chasing them, given me misinformation over why my account had been cancelled and as an apology they were going to reduce my next gym membership payment.

As it turns out I'm not really sure why my account was cancelled, and from the sounds of it I don't think my branch of the gym knows why either. The good news though is my membership has been reinstated and I can get back to my daily work outs and rambling nonsense!

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  1. I am so glad you got it sorted out.....You'd think they would have a fool proof system in place - especially since they charge such exorbitant fees!

    Still - it'sorted, move on and keep up the good work Pippa

    Lou :-)

    1. Thanks Lou! I thought the same thing, I mean if you cancel something surely you put a note on the system as to why?!


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