Diet Chef - A One Day Review

As everyone knows I'm trying to become a healthy weight, along with my daily exercise at the gym I am also trying to improve my diet. For the most part I believe that we eat quite healthily and the only real problem that I have is portion control. It's a challenge to get used to eating smaller portions because when I'm carefully measuring them and putting them on my plates they look too small to be filling! I'm trying to reverse years of mistakenly believing that what I was serving myself was a normal potion size.

One of the programmes that I love to watch is "Obese: A Year To Save My Life", and it was in this that I was first introduced to Diet Chef. Some of the people who were on the show also had the same problem as me, they didn't know what a normal portion size was and they were harming themselves by continuing to over eat. The one thing that I noticed about these people on the show was they were complaining about the food being slop and it put me off finding out more about the meal replacement system.

A couple of days later and an email arrived in my inbox asking if I would like to try the meals out for a day. Of course this isn't going to improve my weight, but trying the food out for myself and finding out if it was slop or if this had been over exaggerated was something I was interested in. So I made a few selections and a couple of days later they arrived in the post.

I was a little confused to start with, did I eat the Pink Apple & Cinnamon Granola with milk and if so how much or as it appears on the website with yoghurt and fresh fruit? I decided to go with milk and eat some fruit after I had finished the granola and it was lovely, although I don't think there was as much in my bowl as the images on the website!

Pink Apple & Cinnamon Granola

Lunchtime was Ham & Sweetcorn Chowder, oh my that was delicious. I could eat that everyday and not get bored of it. I felt that the soup was really filling and thought that I might end up leaving some, but because I'm also trying to teach myself to eat slowly it all got eaten. I also ate an apple with the soup.

Ham & Sweetcorn ChowderHam & Sweetcorn Chowder

Dinner was Chicken Korma, which I served with a side of grated peppers (I don't know why I just fancied grated peppers!). The Korma was tasty, it wasn't too hot and spicy and again it was filling. I had a Blackcurrant & Raspberry Bar snack bar as a pudding and again this was a lot tastier than I had expected it to be (and a lot sweeter too!)

Chicken Korma

Blackcurrant & Raspberry Bar snack bar

During the day I had made sure to drink a lot of water, but at night I realised as I had only had 125ml of milk with breakfast I had a 125ml glass of milk after I had got back from the gym.

All in all the meals were actually really lovely. The ones I had chosen were tasty, smelt nice and looked nice too (my photos don't do them justice) and if money wasn't a factor I would quite happily opt for four or five months on the meal replacement system to help me lose the additional weight I'm carrying.

The system costs from £39 per week depending on which hamper you choose (based on calories) and whilst this may sound expensive compared to a shop at the local supermarket you are paying here for nutritionally balanced, perfectly sized portions of prepared meals and for people like me who need to be re-educated in what a portion size is this is an invaluable source of help.

I was sent one days worth of meals from Diet Chef to review.

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  1. From personal experience I find balancing the pre-made meals along with fresh fruit and vegetables works very well - I also drink plenty of water.

    Also something for people to consider is to try and replace eating meat with much healthier foods such as pulses, seeds and nuts (I don't include Quorn in this) and also to replace cow's milk with soya or something similar (much less saturated fat). Since I did the above I've lost over a stone and feel much healthier.


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