My Gym Account Has Been Cancelled! (Part Two)

So last night I didn't get a chance to speak with the gym about how my membership has been cancelled, seeing as how on top of being a gym-a-holic I'm also a daughter, sister, wife and mother. Instead of going to the gym, I sat in bed and watched a film and I talked to my family and did all the things that people who haven't got to lose half of their body weight do.

I couldn't face going down to the gym this morning to speak to the staff face to face, I'm so angry and upset that I didn't think that I would be able to hold back the tears if something other than an admin error had been made, so I phoned them.

I explained who I was and what had happened and it turns out that my account was cancelled on the 17th July. That is a month after I joined the gym. The reason it was cancelled? Well, the computer system at the Gym can't tell me that. It can tell me that I paid on the 18th June for the whole of July and the end of June but it can't tell me why the company that takes the payments decided to cancel my account. According to the Sales team member I spoke to because of Data protection they don't have access to that data.

I can't argue with that, because I don't understand all the in's and out's of data protection but what I do know is that when an account is cancelled there is normally a code put on which translates into a reason. Non payment, Member cancelled, Member died you know the sort of thing. It seems strange that there isn't a code or a note or anything as to why it was cancelled.

The Sales team member gave me a number for the company that deals with the payments, they however are only open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm with an hour closed over lunch. So I have to wait until Monday morning to find out why they decided to cancel my account, but still deemed it right to take money from my account on the 1st August.

Pissed off? Why, yes I am. However I'm using this time to make sure I know what I want from them.

1) Why was my account cancelled?
2) Why was money taken from my account if it was cancelled?
3) I want a refund for 6 days (as of tomorrow) of my cancelled account (Only £6 but still) which will go up each day my account is unusable.

So that is where I'm up to. I'm going to go out to the garage and hit the punch bag for a while, maybe that will calm me down.

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    1. Thanks Becky, I'll tell you how I get on when I see you on Tuesday!

  2. Don't worry! I will make sure that they don't get the upper hand!

  3. Yeah.. they piss you around and they'll have me and Vic to deal with!! GRRHHH!!

  4. I'll make sure they know Em that you and Vic have my back!


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