Swimming and Playlist Suggestions Please!

Last night before I went to sleep, I set my alarm for 5:40 am. I figured that would give me enough time to get out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed and head to the Swimming Pool for the 6am opening time. It felt too early so I gave myself a five minute lay in and snuggled into Flyfour before creeping downstairs and heading off.

Getting into the pool I was ready for the swim, my legs were sore from the night before but I knew that the swimming would do them good and I'd loosen up. I swam a couple of lengths, going faster than some of the people in my lane, slower than others, smiled at a few of the other women in the same lane as me and looked at the time. I worked out that if I kept going I could do 30 lengths (each length is 25m) in 30 minutes and so I started chanting that to myself. Whilst it isn't going to set the swimming world on fire, I figure it's a good place for me to start. Who knows maybe in a few months I'll be swimming 60 lengths in 30 minutes?

I'm already getting lots of support from everyone on Facebook and Twitter and Paul has reminded me that I need to create a playlist to listen to whilst I'm working out to encourage me, motivate me and help me not think about what I am doing but to just get a move on and do it.

So I need suggestions of music to do just that. What should I include? What would you include?


  1. 'lo!

    It' sthe beat that matters. I have a couple of different run lists.

    the songs I run to best are Duck Sauce, we no speak Americano, The Time(dirty bit), right here rightnow, like a G6, king of my castle, kickstarts, groovejet, gay bar, the boy does nothing, on the floor, change the way you kiss me, sweat, down with the trumpets, sexy and I know it, filty/gorgeous, feel it, I gotta feeling, I like it, Ice-cream, jack mix (iv), jean genie, mucho mambo, party all the time, single ladies, super feak, devil in disguise

    they all lift my mood and push me on, I have loads more - I have no shame either it's not about best music or even what I would listen to at home, it's about beat and good feeling mood.

    Good luck my love - I'm always hovering from a distance still you know x

  2. Thank you! I have a special programme on my PC that tells me what beat everything is, so I figure what ever people tell me I can throw in there and create a customised playlist around what I'm doing... I'm pleased to say I do know most of the things you've suggested too!

  3. Moving on up by Primal Scream
    Light and day by Polyphonic Spree
    We will rock you by Queen
    Jump Around by House of Pain
    Run to the hills by Iron Maiden
    These days by The Foo Fighters
    Rocking all over the world by Staus Quo
    Boom boom shake the room- Wil Smith
    Can you feel it -The Jackson 5
    Milkshake- Kelis

    Very random I know but they are some of the tracks I listen to when I'm doing housework and ironing

  4. Your post brought to mind a quote I saw recently. I can't recall it exactly, so I'll paraphrase:

    "No matter how slow you're going, you're still going faster than everyone else sitting on the sofa."

    My very best, HMSx

  5. @Aly They sounds great and I have a lot of them on my housework playlist too!

  6. @HerMelness I love that quote, I see it on pinterest a lot so I'm going to go and make a badge of it for my ipod!

  7. Bloody well done you! you are inspiring me daily x

  8. Thanks Jane, I'm doing good and pleased to be inspiring you because it's you and everyone that's inspiring me!

  9. Hi Pippa,
    Swimming is great caloric burning cardio exercise which helps in losing and maintaining bod weight and prevents from depression, obesity, muscle and joint problems. Swimming makes heart and lungs strong.


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