Possibly The Best Wife In The World

There are lots of reasons why I am possibly the best wife in the world, but for the last two weeks I have been the best wife in the world because I have given up my Sunday lay in. My lovely long luxurious, only me in the bed lay in.

We split the weekend lay in's in this house, with Flyfour getting the Saturday and me getting the Sunday. It works for us and means that we each get some quality one on one time with the children and a good long lay in, but of course on special days that fall on a Sunday it does mean I get cheated out of my lay in.

Last week was of course Fathers Day and so as well as getting up on the Saturday, I got up with the children on the Sunday. We don't need to go into detail of how I didn't feed the children anything other than fruit and managed to convince Flyfour that we should go for a McDonalds breakfast for us all and we don't need to explain that I sat in the den playing a computer game with the children for a large part of the morning, the point is I gave up my lay in without a qualm.

I'm very giving me.

Then yesterday, Flyfour decided that he would give BB and I a lift to the train station so that we could spend the day with Dairylea and AMR Blog friends. This meant that his lay in was tragically cut short and so in a moment of guilt I decided that I should give up my Sunday lay in to make up for this. Like I said, I'm very giving.

We of course will extend the courtesy offered to me about my silence over what I did last Sunday morning and won't say anything about how Flyfour spent the vast majority of yesterday on the PC, with Tops playing in the den on the PC and watching a film after all he did do a couple of loads of washing to make up for that. We won't say anything about how he went out and brought some special treats for himself and Tops for lunch as I did get a rather lovely buffet out with Dairylea and we won't say anything about him buying Top Ender a new mobile phone (It's a Samsung Galaxy Europa) because he did let me join a gym this week.

Let's just not forget that I am possibly the best wife in the world as I gave up my lay in for the second week in a row.


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