I joined a gym

Oh crap.

Finally after what seems like years about moaning about my weight, after countless diets, exercise fads and general procrastinating I've joined a gymI have to say that it was in the most thanks to my lovely husband, who after seeing me at the outdoor gym at the weekend suggested that really the fee for joining a proper gym with all mod cons wasn't that much in the grand scheme of things. 

And I wouldn't get letched at by the drunk on the bench any more either.

I gave my husband 24hours to back out of agreeing to spend a huge amount of money before deciding I was going to do this. I called a few gyms, spoke to the sales team, asked to speak to a fitness instructors and then made appointments with the ones I thought I got on best with. A little over four hours later I had signed on the dotted line, been handed my new all access gym pass and was buying some clothes in Asda suitable to work out in.

Oh crap.

My induction to the gym is this evening at 7pm, I know what my goals are and I know what I want to do to lose it but I know that the instructor I'm meeting will be the one to listen to.

I want to lose ten stone. Scratch that. I need to lose ten stone.

I'm going to do it slowly, I'm going to get there in time for my 35th birthday which is May 2nd 2014.

That's 682 Days away or 97 Weeks and 3 Days. I can do that right?

It's over £1000 in gym membership away. Bloody hell, that's a lot of money.

Oh crap.


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