She just doesn't want to come to dinner does she?

My sister had such an eventful week last week, it was almost like if something was going to go wrong it would go wrong. So when she called me in the middle of the day last Thursday I joked as I answered the phone "What disaster has happened now?!" she said that my Mum was being rushed to hospital with a suspected Stroke. There is a family joke that when I ask my Mum to come for dinner and plan something special that she becomes ill and so I thought at first my sister was winding me up, but I realised that she wasn't.

I was in the middle of making Top Enders Friday Lunch, a Star Quiche, when I got the phone call. I posted a tweet about what was happening (because that is my support system), phoned my husband and then went back to making my quiche. I didn't know what else to do, I couldn't go to the hospital as I didn't know what hospital it was that my Mum was going to and if it was the one I thought she was going to I needed to know what I was facing as the last time I was at this particular hospital, was when I went to say Goodbye to my Gran. I agreed with my sister that if she went with my Mum to the hospital I would go the next day, what would have been my Gran's birthday what is my Niece's birthday.

I had texts and DM's from friends checking I was okay and asking if there was anything they could do and letting me know that they were thinking of and praying for my Mum and my family. They meant so much to me, as did the little pep talk that Vic gave me via text message the next day when I was at the hospital having made a fool of myself and not thought about visiting times and so having turned up before visiting hours had started. I did eventually get to see my Mum and it's been confirmed now that it wasn't a stroke but she has Bells Palsy.

Today my Mum should be coming home and I'll be picking her up before bringing her straight back to my house to have dinner. If for some reason she isn't discharged I might just have to kidnap her from the hospital. She isn't getting out of coming to dinner again!

To leave on a happier note though, my Mum was going to be babysitting for my sister on the Friday night, so I bravely agreed to step in for her. As many of you know my sister has four children under the age of five and I've only ever babysat for two of them at the same time (admittedly with my two so I was looking after four under five too) and so I was worried but I wasn't going to tell my sister that! Luckily though my nieces were all complete darlings as this beautiful picture shows;

Adorable Baby Smiles

Here's to this week being a better week.


  1. oH MY! What gorgeous eyes on that baby!
    Thanks for stopping by today! and for your nice comments.
    A friend of mine thought he was having a stroke too but it turned out to be Bells Palsy as well. Weird.
    I'm glad she's feeling better! I'm sure it's not your cooking... :)

    1. Ha! My pleasure to stop over. All of my nieces have these eyes, I'm thinking of kidnapping their daddy...

  2. What a week. I really hope this week has been better. Thinking of you xxx


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