I'm a huge Choccywoccydoodah fan, I love watching the TV show and the new series is about to start on Good Food (weeknights at 9pm from Monday 2nd July and it's on series link and record because I don't want to miss an episode) and then I watch it again on Sunday afternoons with Tops and BB who love looking at the cake creations, but fast forward the rest of the show.


I personally love the relationships between the staff (I know they live in and around Brighton, but really? Are they really not playing up for the camera?) and I've learnt how to do a few different cake designs thanks to them too... don't worry though the dog poo cakes were my own creation. I didn't learn that from them.

Dog Poo Cakes

The only complaint I have (other than they are too far away from me being in Brighton) is that they can't sing.

Good job they have their cake skills to fall back on.


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