The First Workout

I went to the Gym this evening for my induction. I was scared and worried, but I knew that this first workout was important. Getting one workout done means I would be ready for the next and the next and the next and the next and before I know it going to the gym will be a habit and not one that I want to give up.

For the first four weeks I've been put on an easy introduction to gym workouts. It's roughly a 35minute workout concentrating on a cardio workout with a little resistance thrown in too. I'm really recording it here so that I remember how I started, so in a few months I'll be able to look back and see how far I've come.

I started off doing ten minutes on the cross trainer. I hate the cross trainer. I hate the cross trainer with a passion but I was told that was all the more reason to get on it. After four minutes my legs were aching, my heart felt like it was going to explode and I wanted nothing more than to get off the blasted machine. I knew thought that I couldn't. I knew that I had to carry on and suddenly just like that the pain was gone. It was able to carry on. I might have been out of breath and turning a shade of red, but I did that first ten minutes at the speed I was supposed to and survived.

We moved on to the treadmill, where I found the pace to be really too slow and asked if I could increase it. Look at me, my first work out and already trying to make it harder! Even at the faster speed I was able to tweet that I was at the gym and keep in stride. Every 30 seconds I had to increase the incline and after a while the instructor came back to check out how I was getting on. The instructor stood on the back of my machine and after a while asked if I was okay. When I said I was fine he said he was surprised seeing as how he had been standing on the back of the treadmill to make the incline steeper. I hadn't even noticed!

I was taught some basic resistance using a medicine ball and a stability ball before I moved on to the bike. The last ten minutes of the work out, were really easy, I know I was supposed to be cooling down and getting ready to go for a shower, but I felt like I could go on for longer.

I was advised to mix it up. To do things in a different order each time I went so that my muscles didn't get used to doing things in a certain order and adapt to that. As I left, as I came home I felt excited. I felt good and ready to go again. I almost did, when I walked into the living room and found Daddy ready to eat a bowl full of buttery popcorn!

It's only now, a few hours later that I'm starting to feel stiff and sore and thinking that maybe going swimming in the morning isn't as good an idea as I thought it would be! I'm going though. I'm not going to give up after one visit and waking up early to go swimming is my new morning routine too!

Day One. 20st 8lbs


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