Does Your Kitchen And Bathroom Smell?

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom. Now there is nothing unusual in that really, I mean I do it every day, but yesterday I got rid of some of the extra clutter that seems to gather around the bath and the toilet and the difference was noticeable. When the children got home from School they both commented on the bathroom looking different and smelling like the Swimming Pool as I use a mild watered down bleach solution because I love the smell!

When I was younger the family bathroom always smelt of Pine Trees, my Dad (honestly there was no airing him out of the bathroom, even a lorry load of matches wouldn't get rid of the stink!) and a bit of minty toothpaste. When Flyfour and I were first married the bathroom had an electric air vent and so normally smelt of outside or mouthwash and now of course it smells like the Swimming pool.

Today I was cleaning up in the kitchen when I suddenly realised that the Kitchen doesn't smell of anything, unless I am cooking. So what should a kitchen smell of? What does your kitchen smell of? Come to think of it what does your bathroom smell of?

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  1. I've got a basil plant in my kitchen, which I frequently brush past, releasing its smell - so thats what my kitchen smells of

    1. Oooh a basil smelling Kitchen! That would be wicked!


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