Waist Not Want Not

Part of the reason that I wanted to be more serious about my health was that I wanted my children to be more active and more aware of their own health.

Top Ender will be 18 just after Christmas, and it was about then that I started putting on weight because I stopped doing PE at school, I stopped walking a couple of miles to the train station each day and I don't want Tops to follow in my footsteps.

Dan Jon of course already has his own health issues, being a type 1 Diabetic, and I want to make sure that he takes as much care of his health as is possible, so that he lives a long and healthy life. Again, I don't want him following in my footsteps.

This is why I was thrilled that Top Ender started taking an interest in the exercise that I was doing and when she mentioned that she'd seen something on Tiktok that people were using to increase their fitness I was able to surprise her as I'd ordered a Smart Hula Hoop which is what she was talking about!

Tops and I have been using the hoop each day and enjoying the giggles that come from using it too. I'm not sure it is my favourite exercise, but it is something that is bringing me closer to my daughter and I'm all for that!


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