This Summer

I made a plan in my head.

This Summer, I was going to lose weight.

I was going to walk every morning.

I was going to row three ten minute intervals during the day.

I was going to walk with Flyfour at least three times a week in the evenings.

I was going to be active for at least thirty minutes every afternoon. Be that cycling, swimming or kicking a football around.

I was going to go back to work in six weeks looking more healthy than I have in a long time.

There was just one thing.

I needed to make sure that I was accountable to more than just myself because I don't think twice about letting myself down.

Which is why I find myself on a Sunday afternoon, preparing to go to a 6 am class on a Monday morning as part of a six-week Transformation Program.

I've made myself accountable. I've told Twitter and you and my family and a few friends that I "trust" (there's a post for a whole other time) and I've paid a fairly large amount of money that I can't afford to lose.

It's going to be fine right?



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