Is She A Legacy?

On Saturday, Flyfour and I took Top Ender to look at a University.

We've been to a few over the last few months, some online and some in person, but this one was going to be different. This one was the University I went to, one that I have such fond memories of and one that I would love if Top Ender went to.

I didn't tell Top Ender to look at my University, in fact I haven't had anything to do with the list of universities that we are being shown around and neither has Flyfour.

Top Ender has been so sensible about it, she has looked at what universities in the UK offer the two courses she is after (Creative Writing and Film Studies as a joint BA) or courses that offer similar modules and worked out what she believes she would enjoy.

Tops has looked at rankings regarding student happiness, employability and the results of people taking the courses she is interested in. Tops has looked at her grade predictions, at the grade requirements, at course modules, at the areas she'd live in, at the distance from us here at home...

It just happened that St Mary's University was on the list.

Originally it was going to be her "safe" choice but when she spoke to the lecturers in charge of the two courses she wanted to take, I could see her change her mind.

As we walked around the campus I could see her picturing herself as a student, walking to lectures, sitting in the piazza, studying in the library, eating at the refectory and just as I used to love, sitting in the grounds looking at the beautiful gothic castle and loving that I lived in a place called Strawberry Hill.

Tops is now working towards making sure that St Mary's accepts her by getting the best grades she can. I'm so excited!!!


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