The Results

Two great things happened today.

First, I walked home from the Shopping Centre again and this time I had one ear listening to my ipod (Glee soundtrack, yes I'm a Gleek) and the other listening to my phone which was running Endomondo and every KM I walked told me that I walked another KM and gave me my lap time and estimated finish time. Of course, every so often Flyfour would also send me a message to let me know how I was doing, what my lap time was in miles per hour, how many calories I had burnt etc. It's a little pep talk which I swear I couldn't do my walks without.

The great thing, was not that Endomondo didn't crash or pause whilst I was walking, but that I walked just short of 9km in an hour and 45 minutes. Honestly, for me this was fantastic and a brilliant time for me to try to beat in the future.

Flyfour, asked if I wanted to start doing the walk twice a week, which whilst would be great, I pointed out in a few weeks time when it's the Summer Holidays I'm going to have to stop doing the walk completely as I can't really drag the children along. Flyfour suggested however that I could do the walk first thing on a Saturday morning, which is a great plan and would mean I'd be keeping up routine.

I'm hoping that by the end of Summer I have knocked 15 minutes off my walk.

The other good thing? Well, that's that I don't have an issue with my Thyroid. I'm pleased because as I said, I'm pretty certain it was just too convenient and I'm rather pleased that I don't have to take drugs everyday for the rest of my life to "fix" it.

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  1. Hi Pippa

    As you're a Gleek, would you be at all interested in Glee Club UK?

    We're a friendly bunch :-) If you personally aren't interested, maybe you could highlight us on your blog as were a fairly new group and looking for more member.

    Many thanks

    1. How fantastic Niki! There is a club not too far from me too...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Susan, I am too! And I will respond to your message soon (the text and Tweet lol), I'm just super busy with a secret project and trying to get fit lol

  3. Hello fellow Gleek! Congrats all found and bravo to FlyFour for being so supportive. :)

    Cheers, @Kanga_Rue

    1. Hello! lol, honestly I have the best husband.


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