I am a...

I watched a film a few weeks ago, it's a coming of age film called "That's What I am" and is the sort of film that I'll repeatedly watch quite happily, even though I know the plot now.

The point was, that I took a lot from it and it made me think.

What am I?

To the Children I am Mother.

To my Parents I am Child.

To my Siblings I am Sister.

To my Husband I am Wife and Friend.

And yes, I am all of those things. But I'm also not.

I am Pippa who wants a career.

I am Pippa who pretends to be funny.

I am Pippa who tries too hard.

I am Pippa who hides.

I am Pippa who puts on a show for the world.

I am Pippa.

I guess that when you add it all up that what I am really is just a normal human being.

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