A Primary Calling

Every Sunday at Church I get to go to Primary and pretend to be a responsible grown up who is allowed to teach small Children.

Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet?

I did say pretend to be a responsible grown up, I know that deep down I'm still a big kid and the very idea that I should be allowed to teach a group of children is something that cracks me up every time I think about it. And yet, the calling was given to me.

Obviously God has a sense of humour.

When I was called, I accepted the calling knowing that this was an awesome responsibility and not one that was to be taken lightly and yet I wasn't sure that I was the right choice. And for the first couple of weeks teaching the Children I was right, I wasn't the right choice. The Children weren't used to me, I wasn't used to them, I didn't know how best to teach them, how best to gain their attention and keep it...

And so I prayed.

Eventually the Children got used to me and accepted me, they started giving me drawings and letters and would walk with me to Primary or would look to me when they were asked questions they didn't know the answers to in Sharing Time. I realised too, that whilst I might not always get their full attention and keep it that they get mine and they get my love too.

Every time I teach them I know that as long as I do it in love and faith that what each child needs to learn will be learnt. I know that my weaknesses will be strengthened, that my shortcomings will be strengthened and that together we'll learn. And I think, that I rather like it.

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