The February Plan

All my plans for February got put on hold when I got ill.

I know it wasn't proper ill, and only a cold but I really didn't think sneezing at the gym and coughing up lumps of mucus was something other gym users would want me doing around them. I did try to carry on at home though and this is where I made my first big mistake. Instead of letting my body rest and heal itself I endangered myself by letting my body get so run down that every bug going let itself in to party in some part of my body.

For February I had three sinus infections, a chest cold, two head colds, an ear infection resulting in a burst ear drum and I pretty sure I got the flu too. All I wanted to do was sleep and throw up. I couldn't move because I hurt so much, because I was so dizzy and feeling so sick, keeping water down was an impossibility. And yet I stupidly struggled on. Until my body had enough and I was stuck in bed.

Thank goodness I have the worlds best husband though. He did the dishes, he did the washing, he cooked meals (even though I didn't want to eat), he kept the children amused and quiet and out of my hair, he brought me water and pain killers, changed the bed linen and went to work too.

During half term, Top Ender and Big Boy were brilliant about me being ill, they helped me fake being healthy and alive. when we had some visitors to show off the fantastic scents of Febreeze (it'll be on A Mother's Ramblings soon) they understood when I would tell them that I had to rest and helped me by getting drinks themselves instead of relying on me waiting on them hand and foot.

And now it's March and I'm feeling better (well better enough that I don't need to spend all day in bed) but I can't go to the gym. Exercising makes me really dizzy, and the pounding of my heart causes me the worst ear ache in my right eat. I want to go swimming, but with the burst ear drum it's a no no.

So March is going to be all about the walking.

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