You know when I won Masterchef...

You know when I won Masterchef right? Yes, you do I made a Lemon Cheesecake in the invention test and it looked like this;

Lemon Cheesecake that won Masterchef
Tasty looking right?

Well, I discovered they made a song about it today.

(Video can be seen at

I knew putting Ginger nut biscuits in the base was a good idea.


  1. It does look scrumptious, and I love cheese cake of all kind.

  2. OH found this the other week. Loved the video, the guy did some serious editing there...

  3. @Icy BC: It was lovely, I had to make it again the next day to work out what I did!

  4. @Carolin: It cracked me up, especially as I put nuts in my base and it seemed to perfect not to share!


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