Dear So and So - The last week or so

Dear School Secretary,

Yes, Big Boy has grown! Children have a habit of doing that. No, I don't think it is funny to see him walk he has been doing it for a while so I think I would be more worried if he wasn't walking.


Pippa aka Playground Mum

PS Thank you for saying it was nice to see my MIL. It wasn't.

Dear Big Boy.

I don't care that you don't think I'm not your best friend any more, because I'm your Mummy and that outranks a best friend.



Dear NHS,

Take good care of my friend. Please.

Thanks in advance


Dear Travelodge City Road London,

There should be a new circle in hell for your lifts. You already have the heat part sorted.

Tired of going to the Ground floor from the 4th floor via the 5th even though nobody was there.


Dear Husband,

I'm sorry I kept waking you up the other night. I just like to check you haven't been kidnapped or run away.

Always yours


Dear Sid Punk,

I'm sorry you are hidden in a bag under my bed. Please don't come out when my MIL next comes round.

Lustfully yours

Your Creator.

Dear So and So...

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  1. Your comment to your Big Boy could just as well apply to my own Big Boy (aka the ManChild and a hulking 14-year-old guitar-player) - just replace "best friend" with "girlfiend". Sigh.

  2. OH MY GOOODNESS!! The lift at the Travelodge was a nightmare!! (Just ask Nickie)

  3. @She Means Well, ahuh. See not looking forward to that stage one little bit.

  4. @Kat. Poor poor Nickie... ROFL.


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