A Birthday List

It's my birthday in just a few weeks and I've made a list of birthday gifts that people might like to buy me for being so fab or because they love me or more likely because they want some of my cake. Actually I've made it because it will stop people asking me and it's also helping me to focus my mind for once!

A new handbag.
Roxy Love Me Messenger Bag

I love this Roxy Love Me Messenger Bag. Every time I walk past Boros (I make sure we walk past the shop every time we go to the Shopping Centre) I see it in the window and linger a little to look at it. As my current favourite over the shoulder messenger type bag is stained, ripped and the zipper broken I think this would be a good replacement... And it's pretty!

A portable charger.
Pebble Portable Charger
I love my Nokia Lumia, I really do but logging in to Foursquare, reading my Emails, Tweeting and updating my Facebook status drains my battery far too quickly. I need a Portable Charger to keep in my handbag so I can whip it out when needed and not worry about running out of juice before I go home for the day!

Garden Lights

I brought two sets of the solar lights from Instore/Poundstretcher last year and put one round the children's play house and another around a climber. I love looking out at dusk into the garden and seeing the lights on, and would love to have more lights to wrap into the branches of our fruit trees. I think it would make sitting in our garden really special come dusk in the summer.

Hair Straighteners

My sister told me that I didn't want Garden Lights for my birthday but that I wanted some GHD's. Apparently that would make my new hair easier to make straight rather than relying on my really bad blow drying skills. I'm still not sure that I agree, I think that my sister just wants some new GHD's and figures that if I don't use them she can swap her old ones for my new one!

Now I guess I had just better think about what kind of cake I'm going to have!


  1. interesting list , very colourful bag i love the portable battery a must for everyone i hope you get want you want for your birthday

    1. Thank you! I do too lol, although I will be quite happy with cake.

  2. I need a portable charger for my iphone.I take a separate camera when we go on day trips now as I usually never have enough battery left by the end of the day.Have a fab birthday!


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