I'm Sick And Grumpy

I went to bed just before 1am last night. I didn't feel right and just couldn't move from the sofa, but I had watched all the TV I could manage and had written up the Smubbles review. I was tired and I knew that unless I went to bed now I would end up sleeping on the sofa. So I climbed the stairs, popped into BB's room to check if he needed the toilet, checked on a sleeping Tops and then climbed into bed. It was 1:09am.

I closed my eyes and the room started spinning. I felt sick, but reassured myself I was just overtired and this was causing the spinning. It was 1:10am.

I put my foot on the floor, risking it being eaten by the alligators that live on the floor in the night, as I had read somewhere that "anchoring" yourself when the room is spinning could stop the sensation. Apparently that only works if you are drunk. It was 1:11am.

I turned over and looked at my husband sleeping in bed, my eyes were heavy but I knew if I closed them the spinning would start again. Somehow I managed to fall asleep. Sweet blissful sleep. Then there was a scream of "MUM" from BB and I pulled myself awake realised that now I was standing the room and I were spinning avoided the obstacle course around my bed and made for BB's room. It was 1:14am

Quickly calming BB down I agreed to sleep in his room, knowing that he would be asleep in seconds and I could make my way back to my bed. He lay down whilst I stared at the ceiling wishing the spinning would stop. BB looked at me and I could tell from the confused look on his face I didn't look good. I sat bolt upright grabbed the emergency use potty and threw up in it. And again. And again. It was 1:16am.

I sat on the edge of BB's bed willing the room to stop spinning so I could take the potty downstairs to get rid of the contents of my stomach. I looked at BB sleeping peacefully and knew I had to go before I woke him. I stumbled down the stairs and into the bathroom just in time to throw up again. It was 1:29am.

I'm not sure what happened next. Somewhere in the midst of sleep deprivation and the room spinning I have blocked out the next few hours. I know I made it back to bed and assume I fell into a blissful sleep, or maybe I just passed out with exhaustion in the bathroom and slept walked back to bed.

I felt fine when I woke up, laughed at how Flyfour wanted to know why I hadn't told him (Well he was asleep! Did he want me to wake him to tell him I was ill?) and got on with my day. Until about an hour ago when I suddenly realised that the world was spinning again and I felt sick.

I hate being sick.


  1. could be an ear infection - my OH gets those - comes on suddenly & violently and his one once lasted for 1 week - The spinning is the thing that makes me think ears. I would deffo get it checked out.

    1. Thanks Jacqui, I did think it could be an ear infection but I've had so many in the past and this was different. I really think it was food poisoning which is even worse as that means I gave it to myself!

  2. Aww that doesn't sound good. Take care and get well soon xx

    1. Thank you Susan and thank you for checking up on me on Twitter too!

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