I'm Not The Only One Who Can Hear The Voices In My Head

It's Top Ender's birthday tomorrow and the first day back at school. I had planned to make her a great lunch for her Birthday so that she could celebrate in style all day, but over Christmas I kind of forgot to buy the supplies that I was going to need to create this fantastic lunch. I checked with Top Ender what it was that she wanted for lunch the next day, she came up with a couple of options which I knew I could get what I was lacking from the two local shops.

As I was walking along to the shop from the car, I realised it was quite cold and was thinking about how it seemed colder today than in recent days. It was only as I walked into the shop that I realised that I wasn't *thinking* this I was actually saying this out loud.

Oh the embarrassment.

"Stupid Girl" I called myself in the manner of Captain Mainwaring (Yes, that is how you spell it. I know these things, trust me.) "If you are going to talk to yourself at least do it in your head so nobody thinks you are crazy!" I realised again then that I had said this out loud.

Oh the shame.

I quickly made my purchases and left the store before anyone could get too good a look at me. I might have caused myself to be known as the crazy lady in the local shop, but at least I made a pretty cupcake for Top Enders packed lunch tomorrow...

Top Enders Birthday Cupcake


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